Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Gift that is a Blessing

Hello Hello! Recently I have lost my job due to budget cuts (yay!...not.) What upsets me the most is that it happened so close to Christmas, I haven't even gotten presents for most of the people in my life. I'm trying to keep money tight so I can help with bills and such until I get a job again. However that present idea has been really stuck in my mind. I know my loved ones would understand if I didn't get them anything and would tell me I already do enough for them. Then the other night while I was crafting away, trying to use my time to the fullest, I had a wonderful thought. I can give them presents and probably something much more special than anything I can buy from a store. A while ago I bought some fabric for the kids so I can make them pj bottoms, I've started cutting them out and I have enough fabric leftover I can make them something extra. For James I have enough yarn leftover from his vest I made last year that I can easily make him a hat. I have such a wonderful gift already, the ability to knit and sew. From both of these I have of course build a stash of fabric and yarn that I can use to make things. I can make things that I put my heart into and give them as presents. Things can be rough but I have been giving these abilities that will never leave me helpless. For everyone that ever gets to a point that you feel hopeless, stop and think. Everyone has a gift that can help them get out of whatever is happening. As for Christmas I think it's very import to teach kids that a gift can be something more than something you can buy on a shelf. This should be a holiday filled with love, true love and sharing. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! :) xoxo Wren and the rabbits

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why I Lift

Within the past year I started powerlifting, before that I was going pretty regularly to gym with James. I mostly did this just to spend more time with him. That's actually why I even started to powerlifting, just meant more time with him. James was perfectly fine with this but I think he wanted me to start having goals. So with a shrug of my shoulders James signed me up for my first competition, August 2014, before I knew it my time in the gym had changed. That week James had a new workout for me and within the weeks to come I had these odd "squat shoes" and a pretty purple lifting belt. During this time we had some ups and downs, the first workout plan screwed up my arm and that set me back along with wearing me down. Motivation was a hard thing for me to hold on to during this training. The whole reason I was doing this was more time with James and I was already completing that goal just fine. As we're getting closer and closer to the lift date and I keep having days were I was dragging my feet. Was I even doing that well for my weight class? What are other women like me lifting? As sad and whiny as all of that sounds it was what was going through my head. Finally the time comes for us to drive the 4 hours to our destination, we arrived 24 hours to weigh in as soon as possible and be able to eat and rest before hand. This turned out to be the best thing ever. Next morning we go and compete, I surprised myself more than I thought. I hit personal records that I didn't even count on and I fought for every kilogram I earned. I was the only one in my weight and age class and automatically won first but I felt extremely proud. I walked out of that gym ready for more, ready to see what I could push myself to do. With a smile I looked at James and asked "When's the next one?" Today, 4 months later, I opened with those personal records and set new ones. Again I left that gym ready to keep pushing, perfect my lifts and get this body and mind to lift some serious weight. I've always been an athlete and tried to push myself but this sport has giving me so much. I've always tried to prove I wasn't weak for so many reasons and now I'm finally reaching that. I can hold my head high because I know not just anyone can take me down. This sport, it truly is a sport, has not only strengthen my body but my mind as well. I will never look in the mirror and think I'm weak. That is why I lift, to make myself strong in every way I can. Much Love, Wren and the rabbits P.S. Those squat shoes have become my best friend :) Personal Records Squat- 226 lbs Bench- 110 lbs Deadlift- 237 lbs

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bunny Love

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share a quick video of trying to harness train Mr. Sherlock

Wren and the rabbits

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello my lovely readers,
Life has been a little hectic lately but I'm strapping down tonight and writing a makeup review. I'll also be announcing a giveaway as well so look forward to that.

Wren & Brock

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sequined Lines in the Bush

This is a new shirt I got the other day and I love it. I'm always a sucker for sequins and the cut fits me oh so well. I've been obsessed with this skirt and plan on buying more, the material is so comfortable and the fit is very flattering. I got both the top, shoes and skirt from Charlotte Russe each only $10 and I got the bracelet for only 99 cents so I couldn't turn that down. Lately I love wearing big ole jewelry and of course animal rings, I got my two knuckle leopard ring from Forever 21. We just had one open up near me and have been pawing their jewelry like a mad woman. 

I'm dog sitting right now and I was able to take pictures in her amazing backyard. 

I was thinking about doing a small give away soon, I'll be giving more details in the next post


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Power of Sewing

Sewing can be one of the greatest tools any fashion lover can posses, no matter how small the skill. There are so many great things that you can do with sewing.

·         You can fix clothes
o   Have a little rip in your favorite shirt or pants…no problem!
·         You can alter clothes
o   Lots of us try to be thrifty shoppers, to save money or to try something unique. However some of those things we find on clearance or at Goodwill just don’t fit us right. With sewing you can fix that thank top that’s straps are too long or even hem those pants that fit your butt so well. One of the greatest things is buying pants for $2 and spending 20 minutes to do a quick fix.
·         Redesign clothes
o   One of my favorite people that I follow is a girl in Australia, Annika. She does a great job at finding awesome thrift store buys and remaking them into the cutest outfits. I’m always impressed with what she comes up with.
o   Some of us may not become designers and may not want to but I’m sure most of us have had the thought, “I just want to make my own flipping blank!” If you have the skill you can make clothes to fit you perfectly and that you honestly like. There are just so many things you can do and it can even allow you to open doors that you hadn’t even thought of before.

Now the question is “How can I learn how to sew?!” There are soooo many ways you can learn how to sew.
       Ask a relative
o   Some of us are blessed with a relative that knows how to sew and most of the time they are more than happy to teach you. Depending on the person they can have years of experience and teach you little tricks that they have picked up over the years. I have yet to meet someone whose relative has charged them for sewing lessons, so that’s a major money saver.
·         Check a craft store
o   Places such as Jo Ann’s and Michael’s offer sewing classes from basic sewing up to a fitted dress. The price ranges due vary depending on the project, the more complicated the project and the longer the class means a higher price for the class.
o   The cons to taking a class through these kinds of stores is you’re usually just paying for the class which means you have to buy the supplies needed. If you’re not very experienced you run the risk of buying the wrong thing. That’s just raking up more and more money. The major problem I’ve faced is that they require at least three people to be signed up for the class to be held. So unless you can get two other friends to sign up you run the risk of the class being canceled.
·         Check a local college
o   Every college I’ve attended (I’m up to three) offer fun classes that anyone can take and I’ve even checked with other colleges near and they have all done the same. Most of them have offered a sewing class. I had one college (Ivy Tech) had an intro to sewing class that was a 4 hour class once a week for 6 weeks. Nice thing it was only $90 but since there wasn’t at least 3 people signed up the class was canceled. So check the websites for any local college and see if they are offering any sewing classes. Be sure to check how many people have to be registered for the class to be held.
o   For college students check they offer a sewing class for credit. Two of the colleges I have attended offered a costume design degree so along with a textile class they had a yearlong sewing class and a semester of tailoring. I plan on taking these kinds of courses at the next college I’m transferring.
·         Ask the local fabric store
o   I’ve seen a lot of locally owned fabric stores popping up and have been blessed with one opening up near me. The one that opened near me, Let’s Sew, is starting to offer classes and so far they are not very expensive. I went ahead a signed up for an intro class. The class was only $35; this included the materials and they provided the sewing machines along with any other tools I needed. The greatest thing ever about this store, they don’t cancel the class if you’re the only person signed up. I even thanked the owner for doing this. She told me she would never cancel a class for that reason because it discourages people from coming back and eventually giving up.
So all my lovely readers if you have an interest in sewing please reach out and try to learn.  Even if all you can manage is to learn from youtube or books you borrowed from the library then please try it! If you have any questions or want some help I’d be please to help out.

Brock would like to say that if anyone wants to buy a sewing machine, check the local paper, craigslist, ebay or a repair shop. If you want to buy a sewing machine brand new try to get one through a dealer, just in case anything happens to it they will be able to replace.

Wren & Brock

Monday, June 11, 2012

Poison Apple

This is my entry for the Mirror Mirror contest at Chictopia . I love this outfit so much and almost all of it I got on sale. Everything is from Charolette Russe except for my ring-bracelet I got that from Forever 21. I love the shoes, they are so comfortable and I only got them for $5. Now for this I had to let the new movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman' inspire my outfit. I took inspiration from the apple, the bright red temptation of the red skin and the black swirling poison hiding underneath. So I used my bright red club dress and then used black accessories and made my eye shadow very dark.  The model along side me is my new puppy Sabrina, she was my Evil Queen for this. Be sure to vote for me here!

 I ate the sun!